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About Us

Sharkey’s Towing: A Family Business in Stittsville

Wayne Sharkey founded the company in 1998 after working many years in the industry for other companies. Sharkey's Towing started modestly, in the basement of the family home in Stittsville. After growing from 1 truck to 6, the company relocated to Iber Road in Stittsville. Wayne passed away in 2003. With the help of some great people, his wife, Eva has kept the business thriving.

Towing Is Our Way of Life

The Sharkey family’s youngest daughter, Samantha, has become the company’s administrative assistant. Gerry, the Office Manager and dispatcher, has been here since the move to Iber Road. He takes his job very seriously.


As a local company, we are well implanted in our community and our regular customers have taken on the habit of calling only us whenever they need help. To see them smile with relief always makes us proud. They know they can count on us, and so can you! Give us a call today!

In the News

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Women in Towing

Eva Sharkey, owner of Sharkey’s Towing, was featured in the Women in Towing series from Tow Canada.

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