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Sharkey’s Towing: Caring, Prompt, and Recommended Towers in Nepean

Your satisfaction is our goal. We deeply appreciate that you’ve taken the time to share your experience.

Caring Staff

I honestly don't think we could have asked for better service after our 18yr old daughter was in a pretty serious car accident 2 weeks ago. Her car was completely destroyed, paramedics let her go. She was in shock, it was amazing she survived. She then went with the tow truck driver to the compound. She was 6hrs away from home and alone. Mike the tow truck driver was great. Not only was he kind to her, he spoke with me to help comfort us that she was doing okay. Once she arrived at the compound the quality of care and service continued. Amanda at the front desk kept our daughter company and calm until her brother arrived (thankfully he was closer than us). A huge thank you to the owner Eva for hiring such amazing staff and helping us feel less stress during such a stressful and overwhelming time. Warms my heart to know there are still good companies like this around. Thank you again!

Stephanie V. H.


Came to change out my flat tire in <20 minutes after I called CAA. Great service, appreciate it!

Carrie K.

Recommended to Everyone

Just had a young man pick up our Grand Am and deliver to G&I Automotive. Great service, will be first call next time we need a tow. We are new to Kanata and this company was recommended to us.

Belleville B.

I was Towed by Ted after I was involved in an accident, he made everything easier. He talked to the insurance, gave them the information needed and then followed their instructions on where to take my broken car. I will always call and recommend Sharkey's towing, there is no one else for me!

I broke down on Carling Avenue and called my RoadSide Assistance. Sharkey's showed up in less than 30 minutes and hooked me up. The wonderful driver delivered me and my car to the dealership. The driver listened and talked to me during the ride. He calmed my nerves, I'd say a bartender on wheels with no alcohol. He was great. Thank you Sharkey's Towing.

I was getting out of my truck at a store in Stittsville, when a woman went out of her way to talk to me. She asked me if I was associated with Sharkey's Towing. I said yes, waiting to be insulted, because that is the norm in this industry; however to my surprise it was a compliment. The Lady said "A few years ago I was involved in an accident and your driver saved me. He spoke to the police, the insurance and the other tow truck drivers on my behalf, he made everything more simple. Not sure how things would have gone if your driver hadn't happened along. 

Thank you very much. "

Whatever your problem is, from lack of fuel to a car accident, contact us: we will do our best to be there within 45 mins, weather permitting.

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